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You can expect a pragmatic approach to how we help you meet your goals through technology and its implementation. Our people are our strength, they live our values and follow our process to accelerate results.


Our EXP engagement model is designed to support you, your success and with defined outcomes at every stage.

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Our 5 stage EXP engagement model

1. Explore

The “Explore Workshop” helps you identify what is important, what the art-of-the-possible is and if we’re a good fit for each other.  We scope your objectives and dive in to what that really means for you. From this workshop you can expect a report detailing the feasibility, timelines and investment for implementing the solution, and how we would approach the engagement.

2. Explain

The “Explain” phase of our engagement allows us to go into the detail of how you work, understand your current problems and requirements, and lets us understand your culture as we begin to plan for change. With this understanding we design both an appropriate technical solution and adoption approach to suit your organisation.

3. Expertise

It’s time to get hands-on, we’ll work with the early adopters and champions to get their initial feedback and turn them into Experts – this helps us understand where refinement is required. We’ll look at all aspects from data migration to training to ensure that this meets expectations and to validate the governance model.

4. Expand

Roll-out, it’s time to “Expand” the solution, bringing everyone on-board and confident with its usage – through a planned adoption program and support – our aim to realise the goals set out in Stage 1.

5. Experience

On-Going success is driven by your solution remaining relevant as your needs evolve, as well as ensuring that all your people are competent and are active in its usage – we’re here to support your experience.

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They’re a very friendly team — they feel like a part of our team. I never feel like I’m working with an external stakeholder; they feel like a friendly colleague.

PMO Head

Community Health Services Org