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Our people

Ben Leach, Consulting Director

My drive is to create knowledge from the information and data we all have access to. This allows us to make better, faster and more informed decisions. What makes this interesting for me is that it’s different for every situation – because every organisation works differently, even if they use the same technology and work in the same sector. Yet the outcomes are consistent – improved trust both in the technology we use and with our colleagues, better job satisfaction – allowing us more time to focus on adding our unique value rather than working though repetitive tasks

My experience over the last 15 years has helped shape what is important to me – it’s about finding the right solution for the problem that also supports the culture and way of working of the client. It’s about challenging assumptions when I believe there is a better way, and the honesty when we don’t have the answer.

I’m particularly proud of the Document Management work I’ve done with a Wealth Manager – as well as the delivery of an Intranet to a schools trust – both had their challenges but both were driven by teams who wanted it to succeed and successfully changed how they work, for the better.

Not working? My dog Logan – he’s a Hungarian Vizsla, you will probably see him as desktop wallpaper if I’m working with you.


Rupert Squires, Client Director

I believe we’re only successful when we solve challenges presented to us using technology that is accessible to everyone. I think of this in the language I use, the approach I take, the capability of my client to successfully implement them – with our support. Building technology is one thing – but the value only comes when it’s used consistently.

I’m lucky enough to have worked in a variety of roles both as a consultant and as a customer in the Microsoft technology ecosystem – so I have a good appreciation of what makes a good relationship – and that is something I promote through the company.

Some of my career highlights include the oversight of a Global Intranet in 3 languages, including Japanese in just two months and the rollout of Office 365 to a university of 15,000 over their summer break – both challenging for different reasons – and both hit their goals in terms of timelines, budget and outcomes.

Post-work, I’m on my road bike – come and ride with me if you’re in Kent / East Sussex.

Our values

When we started this journey we considered the values that bind the founders together. We use these values to drive our decision making from who we hire to how we go about our day to day work and seek to find examples and celebrate them.

We are Mindfully Challenging

We’ll challenge each other’s thinking about what’s important and how goals can be achieved whilst respecting ability and opinion


We are Pragmatic and Knowledgeable

We actively work on maintaining relevant subject matter expertise which we apply in the context of the challenge presented and the organisational culture.


We own The Result

We take accountability for our actions, our work and the promises we make to each other and our clients. Our people are empowered to make decisions on trust.


We are Friendly and Professional

We’re open, friendly and value our relationships – to that end we deliver our work to a high standard

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What do our clients say?

The training itself was very good. Ben has a nice interactive style that’s relaxed and informative.

Philip Perry

VP of Marketing & Product Strategy, Bruker Daltonics