Microsoft Solutions Partner for Modern Work

Information EXP is delighted to announce that we have achieved the Microsoft Solutions Partner for Modern Work designation thanks to our team's hard work and dedication. We're proud of our expertise as a SharePoint Partner – and this status recognises our skills and experience in helping organisations deploy SharePoint and Microsoft Teams, as well as complementary digital transformation technologies, including Power Automate and Power Apps.

Choosing a Microsoft Solutions Partner, such as us, assures you that the partner has met the high standards set by Microsoft. We cover the skills, adoption and experience required to meet the Modern Work designation and explain the retirement of the Microsoft Gold Partner programme.

In brief:

  • Information EXP is a certified Microsoft Solutions Partner for Modern Work.
  • This is achieved by customer wins, certifications and user adoption.
  • Modern Work covers solutions such as SharePoint, Teams and the Power Platform.
  • The Microsoft Gold Partner status has now been retired, this is the new gold standard.

What is a Microsoft Solutions Partner?

To achieve Microsoft Solutions Partner status, companies must demonstrate expertise in a Microsoft solution area, such as Microsoft 365, Business Apps or Azure. This is evidenced by having certified staff and meeting customer onboarding and end-user adoption goals. Microsoft Solutions Partner replaces and exceeds the previous Gold Microsoft partner competencies.

SharePoint Microsoft Gold Partner

Research showed that the Microsoft Gold Certified Partner (launched in 2001) had become irrelevant for modern companies progressing to cloud infrastructure and is now retired, replaced by the Solutions Partner designation, set with a higher bar to differentiate partners that truly add value, thus helping customers find the right partner. There is no replacement for silver status.

How do you Qualify as a Microsoft Modern Work Solutions Partner?

Becoming a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Modern Work requires significantly more achievements than the previous Microsoft Gold Partner status. We are now required to qualify in 5 areas. To give you an idea of what this looks like, let's break this down:

  • New Customers – We have to demonstrate our ability to attract new customers with our offering and reputation
  • Intermediate certifications – Our consultancy team are required to sit a relevant Microsoft exam
  • Advanced certifications – A smaller number of our specialist staff have to pass a suite of Microsoft exams
  • Deployments – Microsoft 365 – We demonstrate that our clients have successfully been able to deploy new Microsoft 365 technology following our guidance and involvement
  • Usage growth – Microsoft 365 – We have to show that our clients and their employees have been successful in the adoption of Microsoft 365 technology following our involvement

So why is Information EXP a good choice for Microsoft 365?

If your goal is to improve your business's productivity while supporting the shift to hybrid work with Microsoft 365, then you need a Microsoft partner who can help you get there.

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Modern Work, our team of experienced professionals have the knowledge and experience to help you successfully deliver your digital transformation initiatives. Our project services include implementation and deployment assistance, training, and adoption models backed by our best practices frameworks.

Following an implementation project, we continue to work closely with our clients to provide ongoing support through our Success Service, providing proactive advice to ensure their solutions remain relevant and up to date for how they work.

A different approach to SharePoint Consultancy

Every project we undertake is delivered as a fixed-price engagement, backed with a documented approach and detailed deliverables. No more invoices for a consultant’s time that you haven’t budgeted for. Even with complex projects such as a SharePoint Migration, we’re able to commit to a fixed fee following our Explore Workshops.


Discovery Call

If you're looking for a Microsoft partner who can provide experienced solutions-oriented advice on your digital transformation journey, start with a 30-minute Discovery Call and let’s establish if we’re a fit for each other.


Rupert Squires

Client Director

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