Part 4: Microsoft 365 Copilot Technical Prerequisites

In brief

To get the best out of Microsoft 365 Copilot you’ll need:

1. Desktop: Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise, New Outlook, new Teams
2. Cloud: Microsoft Entra ID, Microsoft Loop, Microsoft Search & One Drive for Business
3. Microsoft 365 Updates: Either the Current Channel or Monthly Enterprise Channel

Microsoft 365 Copilot has a number of core technical requirements as well as some recommendations, we cover what this means to a typical organisation utilising the Microsoft cloud for productivity.

Also in this series:

Microsoft Loop was launched to address two challenges – the one being the competitor solution “Notion” which was gaining traction with many organisations and the second being that OneNote wasn’t designed for the modern way of working – that is multi-user co-authoring, but OneNote was the only true freeform way of collecting and organising information.

Loop provides both workbooks and individual Loop components that can be used within Microsoft Teams and more recently Outlook.

To see if you have Loop enabled – simply follow this Microsoft loop link when logged in to your team. If not, follow Microsoft's instructions on how to create a policy to enable Loop.

Expert insight:

  • Microsoft continues to invest in Loop with meeting notes integration planned for 2024, closing the feature gap between OneNote and Loop.
  • We’re not entirely sure why this is a requirement – and it may be a way of using a heavy hand to drive adoption.
  • One aspect of loop worth noting is that all loop components are saved in your One Drive for Business rather than centrally – so consider your leaver process if using Microsoft Loop.
  • Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise
    • You’ll need the version of Desktop office apps which comes with Microsoft 365. Other versions are not supported.
  • Microsoft Outlook Desktop
    • You’ll need to upgrade to “New Outlook” – activated by a toggle switch within Outlook for the desktop.
    • Although there is some limited Copilot functionality in Classic Outlook.
  • Microsoft Teams
    • Desktop or Web

This an optional requirement, but OneDrive is increasingly becoming the file hub of Microsoft 365.

The new name for Azure Active Directory, Entra ID must enabled.

Our view: this seems like it’s saying the obvious, as without an Entra ID account you can’t:

  • Access Microsoft 365 cloud services
  • Access Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise
  • Apply a Microsoft 365 Copilot licence to the user

User devices must be on either Current Channel or Monthly Enterprise Channel to access Microsoft 365 Copilot features.

The Semantic Index for Copilot is a new service that now forms part of Microsoft 365 E3 and E5.

It is a sophisticated map of your user and company data – building relationships to a level beyond what Microsoft Graph already does.

Most of the features required for Microsoft 365 are already in place for many organisations, the only real shift for many users will be moving to the new Outlook.


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Rupert Squires

Client Director

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