Case Study

Coin Street

“It was crucial that we not only transform our technology but also our organisational culture"

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Our Client

Mohamed Altaf
Head of IT


Location: UK
Size: SMB
Sector: Charity

Focus Areas

Data Migration
Document Management


Microsoft Teams

Digital Transformation through SharePoint

Coin Street, a dynamic social enterprise known for its community-driven initiatives, recognised the need to adapt to the changing technological landscape to better serve its stakeholders.

Coin Street assets

Coin Street assets

The primary technical challenge was the inefficiency of their legacy data management system which lacked flexibility and didn’t deliver modern cloud collaboration functionality.

Furthermore, the human aspect was deemed equally important, this initiative would require a comprehensive technology adoption program to ensure the whole organisation adopted the new work methods successfully.

Coin Street sought a technology partner that could offer:

• A strategic understanding of their long-term goals.
• Microsoft technical expertise in SharePoint and Teams.
• An effective technology adoption approach to support their people through the transition.

Information EXP was selected not just for their track record in SharePoint migration projects, but for their holistic approach that focused on understanding Coin Street's
unique goals and requirements.

Their exploratory workshops enabled a deep dive into Coin Street's organisational needs, paving the way for a tailored solution that went beyond any 'lift-and-shift' cloud migration.

The implementation process was comprehensive, spanning several key phases, Altaf emphasised the importance of not just technological transformation but also a cultural shift, stating, "It was crucial that we not only transform our technology but also our organisational culture to fully leverage the benefits of digital tools."

Phase 1

Gaining staff buy-in and showing understanding was key, "We conducted workshops with our staff and teams to understand their working patterns and gain buy-in with staff”, Altaf continued, "It was selling it to the organisation and people saying, 'Yes, this is what we need to be doing. This is part of the strategy, and this is where we want to get you to.”

Phase 2

Armed with user feedback, and subsequent analysis workshops, Information EXP worked closely with Coin Street to develop a SharePoint design that catered to their specific workflows and requirements, rather than a one-size-fits-all solution. Altaf highlighted, "Agreeing on that structure in the organisation was challenging, but we did meet agreement with the leadership team, the heads of department, and the staff." Altaf commended Information EXP's approach, stating, "They quickly grasped what we wanted, as in they understood how our information flows."

Phase 3

The implementation began with a new company intranet, as Altaf noted, "The first part of the program was to launch a new intranet, that not only published internal communications but also served as the portal that guides our users to their digital workspaces."

Phase 4

The migration phases then commenced, with Altaf explaining, "Following consultation with Information EXP, we had organised our staff to move their files to the agreed structure, locally on-premises. Because those files were already in the target structure, it made the transition to SharePoint easier."

Altaf commented, "Our staff have embraced the new SharePoint environment, which has streamlined workflows and improved our data management practices. The logical next phase is to build on this momentum to further improve the flow of information through Power Automate and Power Apps."

Information EXP's role extended far beyond technical implementation. Their transparent project management, proactive communication, and change management support were crucial factors in the project's success. As Altaf praised, "They were true partners, understanding our organisational culture and helping us navigate the human aspect of this transformation."

Key Takeaway from the Client

One of the key lessons learned was the importance of leadership support and clear communication during significant technological changes. Altaf emphasised, "Gaining buy-in from leadership and ensuring they champion the change was paramount to our success. This top-down support was crucial in facilitating a smooth transition and fostering a culture receptive to change."

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