Document Management

We help you improve the way you create, manage and share the documents that your people need. Helping you achieve the goal of a “single version of the truth” and enable your people to work from anywhere, securely.


We do this by understanding how you work with your documents, and then translate those processes into an intelligent Microsoft Document Management solution, supported by a governance and adoption program for ongoing success.

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Modern Document Management

Do these challenges sound familiar?

  • There is no trusted single-version-of-the-truth
  • Documents are hard to find
  • There is inconsistent use of filing structures
  • You don’t know the information you need to retain and which can be destroyed
  • You spend time re-entering data into documents that exists elsewhere

You may have tried to solve this problem but processes are inconsistently applied across the organisation and the technology implemented has become a barrier, not an enabler.

There is a better way to work effectively and easily.

By bringing together our implementation process and Microsoft technology we deliver intuitive, productive and secure document management solutions that can be used by everybody.   

Start your journey with a no-obligation “Explore Workshop” to understand the art-of-the-possible for your organisation.

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How we help

"Explore Workshop"

Helping you understand the art of the possible, defining the value that SharePoint can bring to document management – answering the question of if SharePoint is a fit?


Planning, Design & Deployment

Ensure you have the right foundations in place for success. We’ll plan and build governance, security and user adoption into the overall solution design.


We’ll support you as your needs evolve and help you understand how your solution remains fit for purpose as well as being there for the everyday challenges.




Data Migration

Document Generation



Index & Search

Information Architecture


Records Management



Version Control

What do our clients say?

Information EXP were able to put the foundations in place and up-skill our team so that we could make the most of SharePoint and finally migrate from our file shares. Throughout the engagement Ben worked with us in a collaborative way, providing lots of knowledge transfer and support so that we could become self-sufficient. 

Director of Business Transformation

Engineering Consultancy