Information Security

We help you protect your information from both accidental and intentional disclosure. Achieving peace of mind without security becoming a barrier to the way you work by protecting documents in Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive and your file shares. 


We do this by understanding how you work with your documents and your compliance rules. Translating your needs into Information Management solution, supported by a governance and adoption program for ongoing success.

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Safeguarding your data

You tell us that you worry about your data being accidentally lost or taken intentionally causing compliance breaches, reputational damage and commercial loss:

  • Personal Information is being passed via email, such as National Insurance numbers
  • Client Proposals are being passed on to competitors
  • Leavers taking client lists
  • Content shared on USB sticks or lost devices
  • Information stored on employee’s personal devices

There is a better way to work, that enables you to be security and compliance goals.

With the right solution design and on-going governance, your information can stay safe whilst minimising the impact on how you work. We enable intuitive, productive and secure information management solutions that can be used by everybody.

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How we help

"Explore Workshop"

Helping you understand the art of the possible, scoping the challenges that your organisation faces and asking how can they be solved?


Planning, Design & Deployment

Ensure you have the right foundations in place for success. We plan and build governance, security, user adoption into the overall solution design.


Technology investments only returns its true value when all your people work in the new way, consistanly. This is the role of adoption.


Azure Information Protection



Data Loss Prevention


Electronic Discovery

External Sharing


Information Architecture

Multi-Factor Authentication



Records Management



What do our clients say?

Information EXP have helped us gain the confidence that our data is secure in Office 365 and that we’re protected against the impact of data loss, as well as making us fully aware of the capabilities of Microsoft Teams so that we can make the most of our investment.

Simon Bath

Director, Mexa Solutions