SharePoint Migration Consultancy

Rock solid file migrations

Migrating your files and documents to SharePoint opens the door to improved
collaboration, advanced document management as well as advanced compliance features
and workflow automation, but in order to get the best out of SharePoint, you have to start
right, beginning with a tried and tested migration plan.

A proven approach to SharePoint migration

You need a step-by-step plan to your SharePoint Migration, and that starts by analysing how information flows through your organisation, the approvals required, and your compliance needs such retention and disposition policies.

Also consider security and permissions needs based on how you work with external parties and what needs to be protected internally. Only now can we consider what your information architecture of your future SharePoint environment looks like – designed to scale and last.

Making the move seamless and stress-free

Whether you are moving from a file-server or an existing SharePoint environment our high-level approach is the same, we firstly agree the files in scope, we then map them to their future location and finally script and test the approach.

Typically, the migration to SharePoint is performed is performed out of hours, and larger migrations we execute migrations in batches, to help minimise end-user impact. Once complete, we only sign -off once our reconciliation provides the evidence that the migration was a success.

Start your journey to stress-free document management now

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