SharePoint Policy Management Solutions

Keeping track to stay in check

Maintaining policies and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), coordinating approval through document workflow, and ensuring employees have visibility of changes can be made easy with our proven SharePoint Policy Management Hub.   

Streamline your way to compliance

Across the multiple repetitive tasks, contracts, and ISO process reviews that your business manages there is opportunity to streamline your management lifecycle but also a risk of missed steps and non-compliance.  Our proven SharePoint policy and procedure management solutions will help you minimise this risk, and confidently achieve and maintain compliance across your essential documentation.   

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Policy Express

A Fixed Price SharePoint Solution Packaged Solutions for Policy Management

For many organisations, an “out-of-the-box” solution will meet the business need. Our packaged solutions sit entirely within your Microsoft 365 environment, ensuring that your existing security standards are met and that no information is transmitted outside of your tenant.

What to expect

Policy Express

Making policy management intuitive - the creation of a knowledge hub, numbering, managing.

Investment: £9,950

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