SharePoint Knowledge Management Solution

Information as a Strategic Asset

The tacit knowledge held by your experts - and the lessons learnt from projects and insights gained from solving client problems - can now easily be captured by our expert-designed SharePoint Knowledge Management Hub, saving your employees hours of fruitless searches, and significantly reducing the effort of your experts responding to help requests.

The reliable way to close the knowledge gap

When projects are completed, support tickets resolved, or sales cycles close it is easy for lessons learnt and best practice to get lost. This leads to subject matter experts being asked the same questions time after time, and individuals using Outlook as their personal knowledge base. 

Our SharePoint Knowledge Management Hub can help your teams store, centralise, and find information in a structured and consistent way that reflects your best practice - empowering your people to work independently and consistently using your processes that are proven to work. 

Protect your expertise

Every project or sales process creates new, valuable assets and so often these get lost. Our tried-and-tested SharePoint Knowledge Management Hub will prompt users to capture and categorise information worth keeping, tag content so it’s easy to find, and validate it with expert approval to maintain quality.

Make accessible the unique, valuable expertise of your business and free up your people to do their best every day. 

Unleash the power of search

SharePoint has excellent built-in capabilities for searching your document libraries, but with our tailored approach to tagging and classifying documents - and by adding bookmarks search - this becomes far more powerful. 

By working with you to establish the best approach for your business – such as a user-driven folksonomy, or centrally managed taxonomy – we can help you assure your workforce of relevant, accurate, and speedy search results every time.  

Start your journey to stress-free document management now