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A collaboration app built specifically to support hybrid working practices, Microsoft Teams has become the world’s most popular business communication tool. Microsoft Teams also enables structured real-time collaboration through chat, meetings, apps, and document sharing. 


When Microsoft Teams stops working for you

Microsoft Teams uses a structure of teams and channels to manage work access, but these can quickly become confusing. Without a business-wide structure and process for using Teams people can become lost and, at worst, disengaged from the tool and the work they are doing within it.

It’s vital that your people – particularly those working remotely – can use Teams to remain connected and productive and feel confident that their work is secure and protected. 

How do you ensure your employees are engaged and aligned with Microsoft Teams so that it can enable productivity and support well-being rather than creating a digital divide?

We’ll show you how to love Microsoft Teams

We work with clients to help them discover the potential of Microsoft Teams, designing approaches that allow you to bring together your meetings, chat, planning, documents, and dashboard reporting into a single, enabling, personalised space for your employees and partners.

Information EXP will collaborate with you in the creation of a Microsoft Teams success plan incorporating governance, information architecture, and adoption. We’ll show you how Teams should be positioned alongside your other apps - such as SharePoint and OneDrive for Business - in the Microsoft cloud ecosystem to drive maximum business benefit. 

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