Expert SharePoint Consultancy

Delivering information confidence

Individuals work in teams, with colleagues, with clients, and with leaders, and all rely on shared information and content created together. Microsoft SharePoint provides a secure, flexible home for this content and allows you and your employees to create tailored and personalised routes to this information, enabling collaboration while ensuring security and auditability.

The SharePoint pain cycle

SharePoint has the potential to provide the answers to many of your business challenges, from internal communications to managing documents, content, and policies efficiently and securely. But its vast scope can also be its biggest drawback. 

As SharePoint’s value is largely unlocked through configuration, you may feel like it’s something that you can solve yourself. But without the expertise and experience to implement SharePoint in a way that suits your business, designing and implementing the right structures, procedures, and approaches can feel overwhelming. 

Frustrating, too, as surely these challenges are faced by other businesses. Surely these issues have been resolved before.

Step off the negative cycle with Information EXP

We have been working for years with clients who are fighting with SharePoint and, as a result, have created an approach designed, and proven, to address the underlying business challenges to a successful SharePoint implementation. 

We work with you to tailor our intelligent SharePoint solutions and provide personalised communications, intuitive content, and smart SharePoint document management that works for your business, your people, and your future. 

And, because we already have the solutions ready to configure to your specific requirements, you can be confident in both the outcome and the cost from the start. 

Start your journey to stress-free document management now