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We help your people access the right information at the right time. Enabling them to be more productive, make better decisions and improve engagement.


We do this by creating intelligent SharePoint solutions that provide personalised communications, intuitive content and document management supported by process-driven workflows and AI.

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Discover communication and collaboration

How we find our information and how we do our work is changing – keeping our competitive advantage is driven by how we work and how we keep our people engaged.

We want our communications tailored to our interests and needs – focusing on what is important and hiding what isn’t – news is the start of a conversation, not the end of it.. 

How we Collaborate changes too, we don’t work in isolation – we work together in conjunction with our peers. Content needs to be accessible whilst still meeting the ever-increasing needs of audit and security.

SharePoint offers answers to this challenge

It’s time to create personalised experiences with deeper engagement through SharePoint Intranets.

Collaboration and Document Management features allow your people to co-author documents and spreadsheets, use native version control to compare changes and use workflow to support process as well as protect their documents with integrated security – not document passwords.  


Make work smarter with SharePoint

Document Management

We help you to manage the full content life-cycle through SharePoint. Covering creation, storage, accessing and securing your documents and other digital content. Read more >>>


Information Security

Protect your information from both accidental and intentional disclosure as well as enabling secure sharing  Read more >>>


Bring your people together through targeted content and online communities. We work with both packaged solutions for accelerated delivery and SharePoint “Out-of-the-box”. Read more >>>

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What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is Microsoft’s platform to help you collaborate, manage content, including documents, as well as supporting process-driven workflows. It’s used by organisations the world over to provide their intranets, manage their document and to keep their people informed.

SharePoint Online, part of the Office 365 suite, enables organisations of all sizes to benefit, with its tight integration of Microsoft Office. By deploying SharePoint you can empower your user community to access information platform and being part of the Microsoft cloud supports remote working.

Our SharePoint Services

Exploratory Workshops

Helping you understand the art of the possible, defining the value that SharePoint can bring to your organisation’s mission – answering the question of if SharePoint is a fit?


Planning, Design & Deployment

Ensure you have the right foundations in place for success. We plan and build governance, security, user adoption in to the overall solution design.


We’ll support you as your needs evolve and help you understand how your solution remains fit for purpuse as well as being there for the everyday challenges.

Data Migration






Information Architecture



Information EXP were able to put the foundations in place and up-skill our team so that we could make the most of SharePoint and finally migrate from our file shares. Throughout the engagement Ben worked with us in a collaborative way, providing lots of knowledge transfer and support so that we could become self-sufficient.

Director of Business Transformation

Engineering Consultancy